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Board of Director - Secretary

This leadership position, will require you to manage, suggest, take charge of, lead, and decide the future of the organization. Actions on such ideas and decisions will take part in votes such as for organizational changes, business focuses, meetings, events, and activities.

You will be an example to your peers, and are expected to abide by all existing ACA agreements and policies. With such a position, you must ensure, to the best of your ability, professionalism in all interactions, meetings, discussions with fellow board members, ACA employees and volunteers, and all customers and clients of ACA and its derivatives. Voting on business decisions.


  • Proposing new initiatives.
  • Improving existing initiatives.
  • Assisting your fellow board members in their responsibilities if/when needed.
  • Continually place ACA as a priority above all others like businesses or endeavors.
  • Restrict involvement in competitor or competing businesses, groups, associations, and endeavors. Meaning, abide by the concepts relating to non-compete agreements and the definitions specifically outlined in the Volunteer Agreement.
  • Drive ACA towards its mission of “Enriching Communities through Cultural Arts”.
  • Ability to plan board of director minutes for meetings
  • Ability to document minutes
  • Must be at least 21 years or older
  • Must be able to assit with coordinting budget for organizational operations.
  • Preferred

  • 1 or more years in a leadership position of an organization or non-profit organization.
  • Experience with online Google applications.
  • Able to provide transportation and assist with organizational event logistics.
  • Experience maintaining an organized email account, an online drive of information, a financial history of transactions, and a consistent participation in weekly activities

  • Please send resume to our email

    Email: andesculturalarts@gmail.com

    Or give us a call for any questions at

    Phone: 385-444-1436

    About Our Non Profit Organization

    We're a Salt Lake City based organization, founded in 2021

    Our mission is to spread the Latin American culture as well to enrich our local communities through performing arts. Currently we have a dance department which peforms Latin American folklore dances, by the name of Expresion Andina

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    Making A Difference

    Past Events

    Some of the events where we have volunteered or performed

    Living Traditions Festival 06/26/2021 @ 6:30 pm
    Bolivian Fest 07/17/2021 @ 3:00 pm
    World Refugee Day, 06/18/2021 @ 7:00 pm
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    Salt Lake City, US
    Phone: 385-444-1436
    Email: andesculturalarts@gmail.com